Architectural Design Suite

Architectural Design Suite

Design Suite encompasses the complete spectrum of architectural services that would naturally follow on from one another during the life cycle of a project. This inclusiveness assures Clients the familiar continuation, for both contents and processes, that eliminates’ disparities often found when various consultants are working within the same genre of space. Clients also financially benefit from this comprehensive collection by what is known as budget consolidation; this reduces the individual budget defragmentation that is normally associated when having multiple stakeholders.

The Suite naturally embraces and actively encourages our clients to be involved during the design, selecting and placement processes under our guidance, as ultimately they will be the end users...... A+DM understands this. We also create a comfortable atmosphere for the clients to express their creative thinking skills without the need for them to feel hesitant about putting forward an idea or suggestion...we are a Team!.

A+ DM ideologies are founded on Universal Design principles. We invariably understand the need to maintain the client's lifestyle as time goes by. A+DM advises on the selection of materials and contents base on the quality of manufacturing and value. We also take into consideration the life cycle of a product and recommend wisely by limiting the effects of frequent maintenance or the need to replace those items that burdens the client financially during post construction period.


  • Residential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Interior design and space planning
  • Commercial / Hotel fit-fit outs
  • Furniture and content specification
  • Custom hardware design
  • Custom furniture design
  • Lighting analysis and design
  • Bathroom and Kitchen design
  • Comfort & Environment design