Client Representation

To represent a client and their investments is an honour to which A+DM takes this very seriously. We extend this trust by ensuring the clients’ needs are always accounted for based on the integrity ethics of our company.

We represent our clients at every level of the project, acting in their stead as approved. This includes the luxury for clients to have a single point of contact with regards to any queries or concerns they may have.....we are just a phone call away from those answer!

A+DM are proven sound negotiators when entering into discussion to secure goods and services, this is naturally a part of our product that we offer.

The Client Hub is an individual portal created for our clients to access information and documents relating to their project(s).

Information such as status reports, drawings and specifications can be downloaded as well as uploading ideas, suggestions or sketches the client may want to put forward. Access is via an unique ID code from our Portal login area.


  • Acting on behalf of the client in their absence.
  • Providing 24/7 support with quick response times to queries.
  • Clients Project Manager.
  • Clients Advisor.